Simple and plain shirts can be carried with stunningly designed shrugs, upper or gowns. These can be made using any fabric. A little embroidery on the top can make it more formal. For casual events plain dresses can be worn with printed uppers, shrugs and gowns. The length of these would be completely up to you. Do not go with the digital printed theme of the shirt. You can go for plain one as it gives more attraction to the upper. The green plain silk short shirt and the printed long full sleeves gown along with printed dupatta and high heels are presenting a gorgeous look. Sometimes fashion changes very quickly and sometimes slow but whenever designers launch something latest they make it adorable. Womens clothes are of different styles and varieties. In latest fashion trends womens fashion are popular as compared to men fashion. Fashion trends tell you about the latest fashion. Latest fashion trends for women are different from latest fashion trends for men. Trendy womens clothing and fashion style are always unique and can be worn anywhere on any occasion. Latest fashion for ladies is always different from old fashions. Designers always try to invent something new that can be liked by anyone. Fashion is a popular style in every aspect clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup, and hairstyle. Clothing is a collective terms of garments. Clothing can be made of animal skin, textiles etc. A costume party or a fancy party dress is a type of party dresses. A party dress is a dress worn especially for parties. Always buy clothes for your own choice and the one which can be liked by someone else. Dresses show your personality. Different dresses have their different look. Dresses are essential part of our daily life. In ladies fashion new fashion trends are followed by most of the women because they want to live up to date always. Dresses are not only part of latest fashion trends. Hair style, accessories, garments, footwear, and bags are all part of latest fashion trend. The whole look presents your personality. Choose the dress according to your culture, personality and weather. The biggest mistake that women make is wearing wrong sized clothes. The clothes those are too baggy look over sized and those are too tight look short sized. You should wear clothes of your own size that fit according to your body shape. Another thing that you should keep in your mind is your facial color. Always wear dress that suits on your skin color.

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